Monday, March 10, 2014

Minimalistic interior designs

EN  Mhmm.. Amazing isn it`?
Been having this crush for minimalistic (mostly black and white) interiors lately.
I dont know it looks so simple but its' special and sophisticated tho.
Not everyone lives like this.
But as for me if i move out from my parents place i'll definitaely get an minimalistic design for my own.
If i see all these desings or places i feel so comfortable and if you are kinda pissed off it makes u calm down a bit.
It's my opinion i don't know how u think about it.
Also if i get or create such an design myself i'll start with black furnitures and the rest white because i want to avoid stains ;)

DE   Beruhigend oder?

ich bin momentan total fikziert auf diese minimalitisch Einrichtungen.
Mich beruhigen und faszinieren solche Einrichtungen.
Am liebsten gefallen mir die black and white combi desings.
Wenn ich dann mal eindlich ausziehe, schaffe ich mir solch ein traumhaftes Reich aber um Flecken zu vermeiden, beginne ich mit schwarzen Möbeln und alles drum und dran weiß :)

Or the combi of minimalistic and an pop colour?

Ps: Remember my last post about the nape undercut? (here)
I got it on weekend and i can't wait to share all the pics of it with you guys. So just stay tuned!

xx Much love

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