Friday, March 21, 2014

The perfect sunglasses?!

EN    Happy friday lovelies,

y'all enjoyed the sun? I did !
As the weather now is i can work with it and very happy that some warm changes has arrived now. Oh i forget happy belated spring wishes ladys...
So as spring is finally there i have something special for you.
For me its really hard to find the real and perfect sunglass thats fits to me and as for that i'll show you some versions and styles.
Hope you can cope with all these and maybe find your very own glasses.
By the way i can't decide love them all but i have to tell that i have this crush for the flower design one.

DE    Happy friday!

Hoff ihr habt die Sonne wie ich genossen ..huh?
Oh .. ich vergaß wünschen euch allen einen guten belateten Start in den Frühling.
Ich könnt mich echt gut mit dem Wetter abfinden aber wenn ich schon wieder diese grauen Zahlen fürs next week sehe kommt mir das übeln ABER! ich ,mache dennoch aus dem momentan Sonnenscheinen das beste und habe auch aus diesen Grund ein Post über die perfekre Sonnenbrille für euch.
Ich tue mich immer sehr schwer damit die perfekte Sonnenbrille zu finden, da es zu viel Auswahl und Design gibt. For real 1.000 wenn nicht sogar 100.000!
Aber nun gut vielleicht seid ihr nach dem Post schlauer. (Was ich natürlich hoffe ^^)
Let 's start:

"Flower Power"

Flower Power is everywhere. Perfect for spring and summer. For the ones who can't wait for summer and who love to take all the attention!

"White Retro Chic"

The world is round so my sunglasses. White for the new spring/summer trend. Maybe trying to combine an cool and chic all white look? hmm.. why not?
The type of this glasses used to be called the retro one.

"The coloured Nerdy One"

Oh, i think we all know this type of sunnies and i think we all own one also.
When i was younger i used wo wear the nerdy glasses every day to school.
Looked so funny and i have to say that it was the half of my face. I choosed the XXL one. I don't know what came into my mind that time  But why don't give the nerd trend a new chance? Try to show and bring some colour in it.
Be bold!

"Red Diva licious"

Hot, hot summer!
Red lovy lovy. Like the shape of that sunny. Reminds me of an kinda diva look.

"Transparent .. show me what you got"

I don't think i have to explain or add something to this glasses because all was said in the headline. ^^

"High class .. leave me alone"

Just leave me alone you stupid paparazzis! Don't you see that i don't want to be disturb?
The big high classy one.
"Hipster One .. Lennon style"

I know that some people don't like to be called "Hipsters". i dont even know why. Its cool i mean.
Love orange lately as you all know from my last post. 

And last but not least:

"The Pilot"

I also really like the pilot style. Looks fresh and very simple. Even for male and female.

What do you think and which style do you prefer?

For me i can wear them all if i don't have any make-up on its a good way to cover up my face tbh ;)

Much love and enjoy ur well deserved weekend xx

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