Monday, May 12, 2014


As the weather can't deciced whether its cold, rainy or warm I choosed to wear something typical that I supposed to wear when its fall.
But i hope that we'll get the weather fixed soon. I mean its mid may and nearly summer so wheres the sun at?!

Nevertheless I took this pics with my fellow blogger Romi on weekend in an german park called Humboldthain. Its a really nice place to take photos and also to play with kids and have an BBQ with the fam.
 After that we had dinner and enjoyed ourselves with sum chinese food. It was so delicious.

Yeah and I know. I did it again. I wore black even though I told y'all to wear more lighter clothes but this doesn't work if the weather don't get warmer.
I'll try to dress up fresher in summer. I promise! haha

I also deciced to go more natural and wear my small afro as i'm on it to achieve more growth.
But I already see differents by now as i told you last week.

 Don't mind the small dust that flew into my hair! Bad hair day kinda lol.

// Coat, Pants, Sneaker, Jewerly & Glasses:  H&M / Top: Bonprix / Sack: Monki / Scarf: asos //

Much love xx

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