Thursday, May 29, 2014


As already told you in one of my older posts before that on last weekend I droped in the radio event "Kiss Cup" which is presented by Kiss FM an berlin radio channel.
It was lots of fun and delightful as well - most of the time.
 Most of the time simply because I was kinda feeling pissed off, of those dudes who were constantly screming and shouting while I was sitting next to them and i've even asked them to shut it down please at least a bit, but they didn't mind to.

Anyhow we had our seats quite near the stage and field so we had a very good view.
Kiss Cup is all about german celebrities who are challenging themselves in football or basketball matches in different teams.
Team Italian, Team DDR, Team Turkey and Team Greenland.
This time they choosed football as theme because of the world cup that is near. Btw I'm extremely exicted for the world cup! #TeamGhana

Apart from that there were some live acts from german singers and rappers like:
Mateo, McFitti and the american singer Cris Cab that was defo my highlight of that day to see him live as I'm loving his song Liar,Liar. And he sang that song as well. Lucky me! haha
 And I don't even had to pay for the entry it was all for free. You had to win the tickts or pick them up in an fitness studio.

So long story, no plot ...Here's a short video to sum the day up for you:

At the end Team Italian won the Cup and they deserved it. But thats my own opinion.

Oh and what I wore?

// Crop Top, Sandals, Necklace & Shopper: H&M // Highwaist: Monki // Sunny: Primark //

Last but not least selfie time with my girl Zaza

Hope you have a blessed day!

Much Love xx

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