Monday, May 5, 2014


Such an styling inspiration! Isn't she just an georgous cutie pie?
I love Zendaya from day 1 watching her on 'Shake it Up' and she's even 18. Which means younger than me. I can't imagine! She has all what it takes to. She is pretty, cute, sexy, stylish ....
She can turn from the swagish girl to an high class fine lady. She knows how to dress up and she's also an amazing actress. Wow... I'm really lookin up to her. Since i saw her wearing the yellow/blue coat from miuniku (in pic 1) I was like: Oh men! She is an beaut indeed and of course i want that coat too.
So shoutout to my lil sis Zendaya for lookin flawless all day.

Much love and enjoy ur week! xx

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