Monday, July 21, 2014


Meet my partners in crime

// Basics, Sneaker & Bag: H&M // Sunnies: Primark // Bracelets: Lolaandgrace //

Hugh .. this weather is turning out way too hot. Honestly I'm literally burning.
I know, I know we all wished for warmer days, more sunshine etc. but not that hot!
I mean am an african and should probably not complain about 30 degrees because its much hotter in Ghana or africa at all.
So it cuts both ways - still hot but I can finally take advantage of going swimming.

But whatever grey is like really becoming one of my fav colours lately or even my fav now.
Am most of the time trying to dress up quite simple and casual because I don't really have that much appointements during the week except from working. So am all the time mostly casual at work.
Btw these pics were taking .. guess where?! At work! Its kinda becoming my second home.
Took this photos with my co-worker in our break. Nothing special, just a common basic greyish thing.

Hope you have a great and sunny (but not too hot) week ..

Much Love xx

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