Monday, July 7, 2014


// Crop Top, Pants, Earrings and Bag: H&M // Heels: Primark //

Sorry for my absence guys! I was just feeling like so exhausted after work everyday so I couldn't take any outfit pics nor comment on your posts either. 
So pls don't be mad at me. Blame it on the work, i guess. 

Anyway I'm back with an new outfit post and "new hairstyle", ( actually it's not really a new hairstyle because I was rocking the same style some time ago, but never mind it's all new haha!)

So as it's literally getting warmer everyday i decided to go all grey and wear my recently favourite pieces.
Who has been following me for a while now might probably know that I'm having this huge crush for crop tops as I've been wearing them almost everytime we had more sunshine over here (and this happens quite often). I also can't go without my sweatpants. Endless love I tell you. They are just so comfy and simple to combine.
You can just add some heels and a nice top to it and it looks all classy and trendy.

Also a lot of people has been requested an tutorial for this hairstyle. I couldn't get the time to do one but soon!

What you think about this look?

Much Love xx

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