Friday, July 25, 2014


// Crop Top & Shorts: Monki // Kimono, Accessoires & Wedge Heels: H&M // Sunnies: Newyorker //

OMG! I'm like so excited for my trip to the Netherlands next week but to be honest I haven't packed anything yet nor have anything real planed. So I'll probably spend my weekend to get everything settled.
My family and I are going to visit a good friend of my mum in her new house in Zaandam.
It's quite near to Amsterdam, the central and where I can find some rare and nice shops esp. vintage stores. So looking forward to it.

However, lets get back to business. This outfit was taken earlier this week.
Most of the pieces are brand new but my fav is the fringed Kimono. I can wear it in summer time and also in autumn, spring whatever. So it's a whole win win situation and I can wear it whenever I want. It's so timeless and basically also the ish now in summer. And I can totes agree.

So people lets get fringe(y) ! ..

See ya soon xx

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