Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It's been exactly one year since I started my blog.
Before I didn't had any expectations nor a clue of what is going to happen and what I'm going to face.
One reason that I started my blog was because in my younger ages ( I'm still very young I know but just saying haha) many people told me to do something in fashion. The idea wasn't bad because I was actually highly interested in it. (I mean we all know those stories when we were kids and played dressing up in mummy's closet and heels. We all been there!)
However first I wanted to become a fashion designer then I realised that I'm not really good at sewing and so on. I think you know where my point is .. I tried to find something that I was able to do and good at and luckily in the end I came across fashion blogging through a african model contest that I participated and got to know some bloggers there. I felt like this is exactly what I want to do and share my fashion experience and own style to others.
And so all began! 'Fabeau Trends' was made ..

I had a real blessed year even though I had some beginner struggles but I guess it's normal. To be honest in my first week of trying myself as a fashion blogger I immediately wanted to quite already.
But something stopped me from that ridiculously thought and made me stay focused and continue with my hobby.

Therefore I've picked out some "Best of the year Looks" from the beginning to now:







MAY '14

JUNE '14

JULY '14



Which outfit is/was your favourite?

Kisses to everyone of you who made me for who I am now. I couldn't have made it without the support of you guys. Seriously I am really fortunate to have you. Thank you!!!

Big thanks to Debbie, Tania, Missy, Kizzy, Nerline, Belinda, Diana & Sol (hope I haven't forgot any one) for always keeping up with me and lovely comments and thoughts on my posts.

I'm looking forward to more fun and collaborations and to finally have my own camera soon to post even more outfits than before .. (The good news is that, I managed to take as much outfits pics as possible with several local fellow bloggers on weekends and with a good quality Nikon camera that we had at work for shootings and castings)

 Btw and guess what, I improved my english by extending my vocabulary too

Much Love xx

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