Wednesday, September 17, 2014



Omg I realized that I've been offline on my blog since one week because I was too busy and to be honest with you, also a bit lazy to entertain you with my posts.
Work has been real harsh and stressful these days but only two weeks and I'm done with my internship.
I guess I gonna miss the whole work life and fun at the agency and it's been a great but also busy part of my life.
After that I'm going to search for universities which are orientated in media. But before I head the unilife I try my possible best to visit different countries and cities. First step I guess will be London. So wish me luck for that due of time.

But lets get back to business. I wore this very casual kinda business inspired look for work and I have to admit that it's been my first time wearing a blazer in office because we don't really have strict dresscode rules or whatever. We are allowed to wear whatever we want and feel comfortable in it. Well .. but I decided to join the cozy and business road.

All of you might know that I'm a H&M addict since day one but I really try to avoid buying stuffs there because I want to extend my closet and try new stuffs and brands. I'm telling you that because my outfit here is mostly from H&M except from the slip'ons that I purchased in Amsterdam. I'm really trying guys!

Anyways wish you a great day.

Much Love xx

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