Monday, September 1, 2014


First off happy new month lovelies!
The last days has been busy ones for me even my weekend and so will the following be because I am now more responsible at work and have to have a eye over everything.
But it's my last month anyway and am grateful and happy that I've almost made my one year internship. After all that I'll take and finally have way more time for my blog.

Anyway let's get back to business. The past days I came across a natural skin product "Frank" while I was late night instagraming (as ususal lol).
Well, and I ask myself who the heck is that? Never heard of it/him and esp. what is his magic?
So I headed straight to the website to do some research on it.
It says that it helps to fight cellulites, stretch marks, cleanse and clarifies your skin and many more and also contains lot of natural subtances.

There are 3 types of "Frank":

- Original (14.95 €/$)
- Coconut & Grapeseed (17.95 €/$)
Cacao (16.95 €/$)

After knowing all that and seeing several good results from others I think am gonna give it a try.
So I've ordered a package of the original one yesterday and will receive it this week.
I'll keep you all updated.

For the ones who have experienced this product or something just as similiar before, how did it went and most importantly did it helped to provide your skin issues?
Let me know ..

Have a marvelous start to this week!

Much Love xx

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