Friday, September 5, 2014


// Twin-Set: Primark // Kimomo & Wedges: H&M // Clutch & Sunnies: Vintage // Boho Headpiece: Ebay //

Happy friday lovelies! We barely made it, well me almost cause am still caught up in office till evening.
But this can't hold me back from posting.

However I already told you guys about the Blogger Bazzar event that I attend the past week. If you don't remember (here)
Well .. and you probably saw my gatherings from that event.
The twin-set is definetly my fav, it's just too fine. Me likey!  .. And as you can see I could make advance of wearing it although  the weather was tripping lately and I thought we already entered fall but we're really having some sunshine yet. I guess this won't last long anyway. So I have to make use of it and spend as much time as possible outside keeping up with friends/fam before the cold gets us.

Also I got a visit of friends from foreign cities and I can say that my schedule is actually full planned for now.
I got in touch with a photographer and she wants to shoot with me for a up coming beauty project of her this sunday. 
Can't wait for that and looking so freakin forward to it. (Already figuring out how to pose haha!)
Will keep you updated!

Any plans for the weekend? Let me know ..

Much Love xx

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