Sunday, March 15, 2015


// Blazer: Bershka // Top: Gina Tricot // Pants: New Look // Headpiece: Ebay // Boots: H&M //

Happy sunday my loves! Another week is over and I hope you all a great so far. Today I'm back again with my outfit worn to church. To be honest I wanted to dress a little different today but then deciced to stay on my comfy chic since the weather isn't that nice today. We're merely surrounded by deep and dark clouds. I got some blue pumps on x-mas and wanted to wear them for like ages but couldn't find the right day for them. Hopefully soon though!

Btw my little 10 year old sis shot this pics again but because of it's stupid weather today we weren't able to take much of them. But at least we managed to get some good shots. Oh, you can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to those warmer days. Isn't it just easier for us bloggers when it's warm and sunny outsides?
Anywho's, wishing you all a good and productive week ahead.

Much Love xx

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