Sunday, March 22, 2015


// Blazer & Pants: Gina Tricot // Shirt & Pumps: H&M //

Happy sunday everbody.

Whilst I'm writing this my stomach is so pumped with food at the same time. I can't even handle sitting right now lol. Let me explain why ..
In honour of my lil sister's 9th birthday we drove to an asian All You Can Eat restaurant after church.  I made sure that I won't wear a tight pants so that I'll have lots of space after eating.
Anywho's you can imagine if a african or a whole family hears 'All You Can Eat' it's ALL YOU CAN EAT for sure! We love us some food and seriously enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. After finishing this post I'm going to just lay on the couch and sleep. No more food for me today!

However, I'm not quite the best friend of jewerly so I usually keep it simple or don't wear any. And today was that kinda day I felt like not wearing any. And finally as I praised on my recent post, spring has arrived and I could finally make use of wearing this shiny pumps I got at the H&M sales few months ago. Need to get use of wearing heels again. Been feeling too much comfortable with these chunky plateau boots for way too long now.

Much Love xx

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