Tuesday, March 31, 2015





Hey everyone!

Unfortunately you haven't heard of me on sunday with one of my 'What I wore to church' post because we're seriously having some bad ass (excuse my french) weather over here. I'm barely making it out because once you're out you'll going to be wipped around by heavy storms and harsh rain. Pretty much not the best weather to shoot outsides. I so hope that it's going to be a lot better soon!

However since I'm not able to shoot outfit pictures at the moment I choosed to take the time to do another sets. It's always so much fun to be on Polyvore and create amazing styles which can possibly be turned into looks I'll wear sometime. It's a good way to get some inspirations but also to have a first impression on how a style going to look like.

Today's main piece is the crop top. I deciced to go for a turtle neck, plain croppie and pimp it up with additional pieces. The first one is a very simple causal kinda hipster look which I would definetely wear in day time for my every day look. But only if the weather get's better.

The second and third are quite similar styles but I wanted to show you how the casual chic look can be worn with a pants and skirt. I know people who don't even wear pants, jeans or whatever but my opinion on this is that you can look just as chic in pants as in skirts if you get it right.

I hope that I can be back soon with another ootd of mine. Fingers crossed that we get to enjoy at least one hour a day of sun since it's officially spring.

Much Love xx

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