Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Little breakie before we head on for some adventure. This mango juice was too good!

St. Stephan's Basilica

Fell in love with these amazing architectures on literally every buidling

Chain Bridge


View from top of the bus

Love beeing a tourist. I always get amazed of everything I see in a foreign country

Heroes' square Budapest


Fishermen's Bastion and Matthias Church

// Leather Jacket & Bag: H&M // Top, Culottes & Sandals: asos // Watch: Casio // Sunnies: Primark //

Hello everybody!

Well, here's the second part of my birthday in Budapest and to be honest the second part was my favourite. Since I don't like going out much esp. clubbing I prefer holding myself in silence. But since it was my birthday I needed to do something special right? Well, the party part is over and as mentioned already the second part which included tons of tourist activities was my favourite. We hopped of one of  Big Bus's sightseeing busses for a hop on hop off tour through Budapest.

We visited places like: St. Stephan's Basilica, acrossed the Chain Bridge, the Citadel, Matthias Church and so on. Pretty much a lot of highlights at once. It was my first time being away from home by myself except from several class trips but those doesn't count. 

After all the sightseeing activities we decided to head for lunch and near from our hotel we found this nice place called Ezaz Cafe and Bistro. I wanted to go for a typical Hungarian dish so I went for the Gulasch which by the way tastes just delicious. Did you know that Hungarians love to use pepper in mostly all their meals? Yes, they do!
And I almost forget to tell you a short funny story that happend in the restaurant. When the waiter brought me my food he kindly informed me that those extra hot green pepper (in the pictures above) are extremely hot, like the spiciest in Budapest. I was like okay, you don't know that I'm african and I can eat a lot of spicy stuff when it comes to it. So I kindly let him know that he shouldn't be worried, I got this! 
And guess what, I put one pepper in my mouth and I didn't feel anything spicy it was like nothing, seriously. Everybody in the restaurant was surprised that I finished them all in a sec without drinking water or so. Pretty funny to me haha ..never joke with africans when it comes to "spicy" food.

Anyways, to sum the day and my birthday up we enjoyed some spa time at our hotel with a hot Jacuzzi bath and movies in our room. Perfect day! Perfect birthday!

More Budapest experiences to come ..

Much Love xx

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