Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Main section of the  Parliament building

View from the boat


// Leather Jacket, Crop Top, Pants & Bag: H&M // Sandals: Asos // Sunnies: Primark // Watch: Casio //

Happy new week y'all!

Today's post is all about our last official day in Budapest. On that day we decided to go on a hop on hop off tour on a boat and of course did lots of eating.

We've started the one hour boat tour in the afternoon and saw a lot of places like the Parlament, Chain Bridge and many more. It's a whole different view when you see it all right from the water, like literally in it. It  was a very cool tour and we had just the perfect weather for such a tour.
My bestie and I literally turned the boat into a photoshoot and took the best advantage of it. I mean how often can you be on a boat in a foreign country right?  Despite the fact that we weren't the only ones on the boat. We  had like 20 people with us but that didn't distract us from doing our thing.

After the tour ended we hopped on another bus to grab something to eat after a adventures day. Before the tour started we already had lunch but to be honest it wasn't quite the deal. The prices were on the expensive side so I expected something at least appropriated but it wasn't at all. I ordered the Gulasch again because the day before I had like the best Gulasch ever so I thought I wouldn't go wrong with it since it's a national meal. But I was totally wrong and literally had to forced myself to eat at least a bit. After all, I paid for it so why shouldn't I take advantage of it.

Nevertheless, with that being said it was more than fair enough that we went for another round at this very beautiful restaurant called New York Salon. Did you see all this amazing golden architectures? To die for right? I immediately fell in love with the place and couldn't hold myself back from taking pictures. Everything there was on point. The waiters, the food, location ..just all in all perfect.
If you're ever going to visit Budapest this is a place I would highly recommend! And also they had this amazing apple cake that literally killed me that evening. I ordered twice and wanted to go for a third but I already had like so many things on my plate.

Anyways, there is one last post from Budapest coming up an it's about my stay at Parlament Hotel.
Stay tuned!

Much Love xx

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