Thursday, February 12, 2015


Vals day look 1

Vals day look 2

Vals day look 3

 Well hello ..Val's day is soon knocking on our door and I hope all of you ladies are fully prepared for it. Have you already got a gift for your beloved one and most importantly have you picked out a outfit yet? If not, I got you covered!

It don't always supposed to be a dress where you gonna show off. There are different kinds of styles and pieces that can also look as sexy as in  wearing a dress. 
 Let's start with them lovely jumpsuits which are my favourites. There's nothing about a sexy and cozy jumper to go out with. If it was for me I would literally sleep in them.
One of my current obsessions though it's obviously winter are crop tops paired with lace pencil skirts I haven't got the chance to wear any of them yet but I always love seeing others in it from other warm countries. Please let it be spring/summer already!

Anyways, why don't show off in pants instead of a dress as well? For example such as loose suit pants which not only makes you look sexy but mature and for the shorter ones (me including) much taller as well. I personally love to pair those highwaisted suit pants with a basic cardigan and down under probably a crop top or basic tee. As footwear I would go for my beloved plateau booties.  Always a good fit!
Which one is your favourite?
Hope I could help you out at least a little and wish you a great day with your beloved ones. 
Much Love xx

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