Saturday, February 28, 2015


  Happy Saturday loves!
Let's talk fashion .. London Fashion Week has always been my fav of all even over New York. Every place and city of course has it's own individual chic but as for me I kinda feel more related to London. London fashion is a lot risky but I love the boldness and edgyness that is going on over there.
In Berlin it's like whenever you wear something that is just a bit out of "norm" people start starring at you as if you're from another space or something. Seriously, thats how I personally feel and experienced and that's exactly what I feel the opposite of London. I don't  know if London people feel just the same as me trying to express my fashion in Berlin. So, if I'm wrong just feel free to correct me and say what's on your mind.
Anyways it sometimes is awkward when I walk around town totally "dressed up" which by the way is total casual streetstyle to me. Maybe it's just about the people and not the place in general because we human beings are the ones who create trends and fashion with our individualities right?
With that being said, have you experienced any awkward fashion moments in your own city or maybe in a foreign place? Hit me up with your stories down below.
Much Love xx
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