Sunday, February 22, 2015


// Coat: Boohoo // Jumpsuit: asos // Boots & Necklace: H&M // Turban: New Look // Bracelet: Lola and Grace //

Hey y'all!
Hope you had a great week so far and got to enjoy your weekend as well.
As promised I'll be posting (or at least try) my outfits worn to church on every sunday.
So here I am .. What I love about this look is my beloved boohoo kinda kimono coat. The colors and patterns are just too fine. I remember when I first got it there was literally nothing that could hold me away from wearing it at any time. It's matchable with mostly every plain piece down under. I choosed to wear one of my fav overalls I got at asos some while ago. I love the lace detail and that it has this line in the middle of the waist. Looks pretty much like a highwaisted pants with a top. And what you guys don't know is that it has this really sexy cut-out but not too much showing back which I stupidly forgot to caption. I guess it was ridiculously cold and so I didn't put a thought on it. Anywhos did I mention that my little 10 year old sis took those pictures? She did! With some little practice she can keep up with all the amazing photographers out there right? However ..

What do you guys think?

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Much Love xx

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