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With Alice and the boys. They wasn't ready lol!





// Cardigan: Gina Tricot // Tee: Mavi // Pants: Forever 21 // Ring, Bag & Boots: H&M // Headpiece: Ebay //
Goofing around with my gal Samah
End of Fashion Week treats 

I could get use to that life .. I love goodies!!
My last day of Fashion Week I spent at the Fashionblogger Café and it's always so much fun to be there. Since the last time I got to visit in summer I always looking forward to it.
All the fashion talk, connecting and getting to know new bloggers and so on is so exciting.
And let me tell you something ... there is no better place to be around people like yourself who share the same passion. Nobody's gonna look weird at you because of you taking so much pictures of one thing or in general if you try to capture every single moment. Basically the only blogger event I love to visit during Fashion Week and since it takes place at the last day of Fashion Week there's always gonna be so much stuff to discuss on. From shows to all the experiences gained during the week.
This time they had a special.. The talented blogger and designer Alice from I Heart Alice presented her new line in form of  a installation. It was different than all the shows I got to see on the runway. I would say that it was even more interesting because you had a perfect view on all the pieces like in 3D and not from a far angle. Loved it! My favourite of her designs was definetely the lace bralet and bottom. I mean didn't the model look just beautiful? Shoutout to the models because they really did a good job and didn't get bothered of us sometimes annoying bloggers taking like a hundred pictures of them over and over again. Seriously!
Along with that installation of Alice new line there were also the UK brand New Look, blendamed, CD & the accessoiries brand Mollerus presented. Was fun talking to all of them and looking forward to work with them soon.
All in all I'm glad that the whole week is finally over. After all the drama and fun we enjoyed some good company of delicious cocktails (mine was the Strawberry Cooler .. so yum!) at a quite chilly café where we spent the rest of our day. The week has been amazing and I am so happy that I could meet such amazing people but it wasn't easy though. It's something that you can do twice a year but I don't think that I could do this every day. It's sometimes really nervwracking and a lot stressful but still in a good get me? 
Hope you enjoyed my whole Fashion Week posts as I did. Until next time in summer ..Yayy!
Much Love xx

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