Monday, February 2, 2015



After Show treats 
First off, happy new month my lovelies! Time's rushing real quick and we're already in the second month of 2015.
Anywho's I promised to post the second part of my 4th day of Fashion Week.
After the show of Use Unused (here)  we got invited for another show from a Poland designer Natasha Pavluchenko in Potsdam. Natasha Pavluchenko is one of the most admired fashion designers in Poland. She creates feminine fashion for women who appreciate classic design and high quality, who search for feminine apparel to emphasize their sensuous nature. During the Fashion Week she presented her new female collection named "Raven"with beautiful black and White designs.

The time my girl Samah and I got there, we were hearthly welcomed by Kasia who organised the whole show. The show started off great with beautiful and feminine white gowns and ended with strong, black and sexy designs. The music and atmosphere during the show were also great and we of course felt comfortable being in the frontrow.
My favourite piece so far was definetely the black long blazer coat with the white blouse and tiny black pants. I mean you know that I love mi some black colours and I had to show love for my blacks. If you want to see more of Natasha don't hesitate to visit her website (here).
Which piece is your fav?

Much Love xx

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