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// Coat, Glasses & Ring: H&M // Pullover: Primark // Jeans: Weekday // Sneaker: Nike // Sunnies: Vintage //
Hey guys!
I finally got my new laptop and we also got our WiFi fixed at home which means I'm officially back to regular blogging ..yayy!!

The other day I actually took those outfit pics together with my friend Romy who recently had her birthday. So I  decided to celebrate this special occasion by inviting her for lunch at her favourite place Vapiano. And guess what? I finally used my own camera that my mum got me for christmas. It took me so long to actually try it out because I honestly needed some practice (thanks to Romy btw who sat with me like for hours to help me out with this) and I wanted to wait till I'll get my new laptop to immediately do another post on blog. So here I am. 
However I still need to buy another lense because the pictures are not 100% turning out the way I want.
What do you think about the quality of the pictures?

She's all happy .. mission completed!

Anywho I also deciced to get back on the all black thing to present to you my new Nike Air Force 1 my older sister got me for christmas. It's actually the first time I wore them and they're still very clean. Thank God!
I guess you all been there, when you got some nice shoes which you really like a lot and there is always that one friend who steps on them right? Been there like a hundred times.
But to make things short I love my new sneakers and it's selfexplanatory that I'll literally fight to death to keep them clean haha.
This time I wore a pullover from Primark. I usually don't go for Primark but I now own the pullover for like years and it's one of my fav.

Well and after all the shooting and eating we walk around the city of Berlin and surprisingly the weather was good and not rainy like it used to be lately. Of course we did some shopping too. Well she did. I promised myself for 2015 to not waste money on clothes esp. on clothes I already have and don't need.

Have you made any new resolutions or set any goals for this year?

Much Love xx

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