Saturday, January 3, 2015


// Coat: Missguided // Two Piece: Echopaul // Boots: Boohoo // Headpiece: Ebay //

Happy New Year guys!
It's been like two weeks beeing off the blogosphere but it honestly felt like months too me. You can't imagine how happy I am to be back. During x-mas I got like tons of gifts which contains clothes and shoes and I seriously couldn't wear them untill I finally took pictures of it for a outfit post.
Who follows me on Instagram already heard of me getting stupidly sick during the holidays and no, the blame is not on the amazing food we had on xmas no haha. It was actually because of the ridiculous cold weather we're till having over here. I really need to wrapup asap! But however I'm finally doing a lot better and have the energy now to join you all in this new blogging year.

The outfit that I wore here was my NYE's look on 30th where I attended a Pre New Years Eve's party of a friend. The white two piece I got myself with a giftcard I won on a fellow bloggers giveaway not a while ago. I actually never win something but as it seems if I do win something then it's something big. Well, to win clothes, shoes whatever is big to me lol.

Anyways I hope you had great holidays with your loves and will enjoy this very year to the fullest.
Make it a good one ..

Much Love xx

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