Saturday, January 24, 2015


// Blazer & Shorts: Buffalo // Necklace: Forever21 // Overknees: Lamoda // Clutch: Vintage // Ring: Bershka //
Fashion week is officially over since yesterday and I have to admit that I'm sad but in some point also happy that it's finally over. Honestly! Happy because I've never had such a busy and stressful week such as this before. Moving, literally running around the city in cold weather, struggling with feet pain to even missing some shows. But the good news is that I got to know a lot of amazing people and had the opportunity to connect with very interesting brands as well.

In the following days probably weeks I'm going to post my recap on my experiences I made at the Berlin Fashion Week from every day.
Starting off with day 1.

Day 1 of Berlin Fashion Week has been quite chaotic. My plan was it to actually visit the Pearly Wong Show at the Mercedes Benz's and then to go to another event called Sneaker Freaker for a seat in but unfortunately things turned out bad and my friend and I were totally lost in the city so we missed the show. Like how bad is it to actually live in your own city since day one and still not knowing all the places? What kills me though is that we had quite the good seats in the second row and honestly I was so looking forward to that show because she's an amazing designer and I love her designs like so much! I'm literally still trying to cope with the stupid situation but life goes on ..I guess. It has to!
Anywhos after all the day surprisingly turned out good which was totally needed after such a disaster. We headed straight to the Bikini Berlin where we joined the miadidas team for a seat in with lots of great sneaker designs. I'm totally a sneaker kinda girl which is why I'm going to wear sneakers for our next day of fashion week. Quite the best shoes for busy fashion days in a big city like Berlin.
Though I wasn't able to make it to the Pearly Wong show I picked up some of my fav pictures of the actual show from the net.

Talk to you soon!

 Much Love xx

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