Sunday, January 18, 2015


Todays post is a lot different than my usual posts. I was asked to join a fashion challenge where it's all about creating an ensemble for a winter wonderland wedding. And since most people around me are actually getting married I deciced to join the challenge and literally be the Maid of Honour for my cousin who is soon getting married.
The challenge: If you were the Maid of Honor and the bride asked you to style the bridesmaid look for her big day, what would you suggest?
Well, my cousin is a very tall woman and very simple when it comes to fashion. So I decided to go with a long Weddington Way, crepe petal full length gown which would suit her body very well. It features thin straps and is fitted with a lightly flared skirt which I really love and somehow it reminds me of snow which is good because it's all about winter in this challenge. In addition to that I picked a very huge and long laced veil for a glamourous appereance. The jewerlies of course includes Svarovski which I feel every woman should wear for a little glamour at her own wedding or at least some diamonds. Or am I wrong?
For the shoes I picked Louboutins with the sexy and hot red sole which is to die for! I kept the shoes very simple and went for  a not so heeled up pump because she's already tall as mentioned before. I love the transparent detail and the fact that the glitter is kept to a minimum.
What do you think of my choice as the Maid of Honour? Did I do my job good and most importantly what would you wear for your own wedding? Let me know down below ..
Ps. Fashion week here in Berin is around the corner as in next week and I can't wait for it. So keep your eyes open for my fashion week posts which are gonna be more than last time on my blog and on my social media as well. Talk to you guys soon!
Much Love xx

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