Thursday, January 8, 2015


// Dress: asos // Overknees: LaModa // Ring: Bershka // Faux Septum: LaModa //

Well, we made it to the first week of January. I hope all safe tho!
I have to admit that my first week of 2015 went pretty good. Sure I had some downs such as when my laptop and internet broke down but I'm totally over it now and they're going to fix it by next week anyway and a new laptop is on it's way too. Hope that I can then finally get back to regular blogging.
However lots of opportunities has been open for me eversince and I feel so good.
With God all things are possible right? ..

However though it's relly cold around here I had to make use of wearing my new dress that I recently purchased at the asos sales for 10€. Such a bargain!
The overknees I'm wearing here I got myself with some giftcards I got during x-mas at Lamoda UK. They really have nice and unique pieces. The faux septum is also from there. Lot of people thought that the piercing is even real but nahh .. I'm not ready now for the pain I guess.

That day I had to struggle with stormy and cold weather. I was lucky enough to get at least some pictures right to actually make a post out of it. Thnks to my girl Romy who always takes the time for me.
By the way I got my new Canon camera finally. Can't wait to use it soon. Need some practice tho.

Wishing you a great 2nd week of 2015 ..

Much Love xx

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