Thursday, January 29, 2015




// Top & Pants: Monki // Sneaker: Nike // Necklace: We Fashion //
We're slowly making it to the end of my whole Fashion Week impressions.
Today it's all about part 1 of day 4. In the afternoon Samah, Vin and myself visited the show of the high contemporary fashion label Use Unused from Hungary. Innovation and artistic mentality are the vital characters of the company.  Their collections are made for all women who are self-demanding and create their own style. Saying this the female ideal of the brand cannot be categorized in age. However, a reserved yet erotic, sophisticated and feminine style appears with minimalist and clear-out colors and forms.
I personally enjoyed the show and mostly all the looks. Mostly, because I had a much more favourite for the minimalistic designs such as the oversized and simple coats. Loved it!
For this occassion I decided to go with a more sporty yet chic look since
I've been on the feminine road quite the recent days. Shoutout to my Nikey's who's been truly my partners in crime for those busy and hectic days. Anywhos I always wanted a fluffy and warm pullover and now I'm happy that I finally got it at the Monki sales.
This is just the first part of the day so stay tuned for another show I got to visit that day.
Talk to you soon ..
Much Love xx

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